Why College is Like Prison and How to Escape

Jaime Dalbke

Why college is like prison and how to escape

British slang for college is “prison.” That’s one definition, anyway, and those Brits are bloody right. College can feel like prison with highway robbery tuition rates, campus confinement your first year and cafeteria food worse than inmates at Folsom State Prison get. You might as well strap on a house arrest ankle bracelet, hang out in your dorm room and listen to Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” That’s what traditional college feels like — prison.

But what if you could escape your collegiate incarceration, especially the first couple of years? What if you could start a prison break among those attending or sentenced to attend a traditional university?

Here’s your prison escape plan:

  1. Sign up for $99 college courses online.
  2. Take online accredited college courses and complete them at your own pace. Cancel anytime.

Congratulations, you are a free man or woman and richer for having saved thousands on tuition.

Credit you earn may be transferred to colleges that awards credit for ACE-recommended courses.

We have partnered with many colleges so credits are accepted automatically. Check out our partner colleges. Don’t miss the big-name schools listed at the bottom. No problems either with some credits being accepted while others are not. StraighterLine is so confident of its credit transfer we even offer a credit transfer guarantee.

Still not convinced? Take advantage of our free trial course. Take a required college course like College Algebra or English Composition and pay nothing. Go ahead, make a break for it. No spoon or dental floss needed. Mouse and type your way over to StraighterLine.com  Also, share this escape plan from the imprisonment of traditional college with your friends.


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