Which College Courses Work Hardest to Help You Land a Job?

Barry Lenson

I recently met a young woman who graduated from a top university back in 2012, but who was still having a hard time landing a job she wanted at a bank or investment company. The problem? She majored in philosophy. The companies where she was interviewing found that interesting, but they were wondering why she hadn’t taken any courses that demonstrated her ability to analyze data. If she had taken even one course in business statistics or calculus while she was in college, chances are that she would be working by now.

That leads me to conclude that certain courses are critical to finding a first job in business today.  And apparently that belief is pretty well founded.  For example, I recently found an article entitled “Six college courses that help grads land jobs” that Kelli B. Grant for CNBC. Here’s a quote from it:

“Whether you major in anthropology or chemical engineering, companies are looking for a skill set that may go beyond your school's core curriculum. The ability to speak in public, to write a succinct, grammatical business email, to do certain math operations beyond addition and subtraction could mean the difference between being one of the growing number of unemployed grads or one setting off on a long and fulfilling career.”

College Courses that Make Employers Say “Hire this Grad!”

What are Grant’s six college courses that help grads land jobs? Although she never names them specifically, she writes that employers value courses in six areas: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); business; economics; theater arts; writing; and leadership studies.

If your course transcript needs some beefing-up in those areas, perhaps you should consider taking courses now to round out your profile and make you more appealing to possible employers. To get one of those courses, you could go to a college near your home, or to a community college.

The problem is, taking one or two courses at a college costs a lot of money. (Figure something on the order of $450-$650 for each three-credit course.)  The time involved is a problem too. You need a job today, but it will take you a semester until you complete your class.

Here’s a better strategy to consider. Why not take one or two courses, starting right now online, right here at StraighterLine? Here are some suggestions from the StraighterLine course offerings.

Business courses . . .

Math courses . . .

English courses . . .

Science courses . . .  

Low Cost, Low Time Commitment

Check out all of the terrific courses at StraighterLine that could strengthen your ability to get hired by augmenting any weak areas in your transcript.

StraighterLine courses are low-cost – you can subscribe to StraighterLine’s $99 monthly subscription plan and take all the courses you need for only $49 each. The result? If you invest just a few hundred dollars, you could become a much stronger job candidate in just a month or two. And there’s not need to wait until September. You can enroll and get started today.

Which College Courses Work Hardest to Help You Land a Job
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