Where’s Your Favorite Place to Take Online College Courses?

Barry Lenson


What’s the biggest advantage of taking college courses online? StraighterLine students have told us about these . . .

  • Many students say they like to be able to take courses at their own pace.
  • Others say they like the opportunity to take all the extra time they need to study the units and lessons that they find most difficult.
  • Parents and working people say that they can take online courses at any time of the day that their schedules allow.
  • Members of the U.S. armed services report that they can take online courses from anywhere they are deployed.
  • Non-U.S. students, no matter where they live, get started earning American college degrees by taking StraighterLine courses online.
  • Some students say they like to “preview” classes they will take in college by taking them first online. “It has helped me earn better grades and ease my workload at my regular college,” one undergrad explains.

And then there’s another reason. Lots of students report that they really to do their coursework just about anywhere. Here are some of the many places they have told us about . . .

  • On the beach during winter break or summer months.
  • In bed, as soon as they wake up in the morning or just before falling asleep.
  • In vacant conference rooms at work over lunch hours.
  • In public libraries.
  • At the town pool.
  • On park benches in the summer months.
  • At the gym after an exercise class or a workout.
  • On the train during the morning or evening commute.
  • While having dinner at home or in restaurants.
  • While sitting at the playground watching their kids play.
  • While sitting in the back seats of cars while carpooling or taking family tips.

Heck, one student told us that she completed most of one college class while she was working her evening job as a ticket-taker in a suburban movie theater. Once people bought tickets and the movies started, she fired up her computer and got a lot of coursework done.

So . . . what’s the most unusual place you have ever taken an online course?  Don’t be shy, let us know by posting a comment on this blog.

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