Where You Start College Matters

Barry Lenson

Where You Start College MattersWhere You Start College Matters if You Want to Save Money

The first place you take college courses is the most important if you want to keep your college costs low. I’ll explain why in a moment but before I do, let’s take a moment to remember how most colleges structure their programs of study . . .

Students start out taking required general education courses. After completing those courses students declare a major and begin to take courses that focus on it.

Your Chance to Save Money on College

The first college courses you take offer you the greatest opportunity to cut costs because:

  • You can cut your costs to a minimum by taking general education courses online here at StraighterLine. You can take College Algebra, Introduction to Biology, or English Composition I, for example, and spend only $99 a month for a subscription plus $49 for each course that you take. Or you can opt for StraighterLine’s Freshman Year of College for $1299 and take up to 10 course of your choice.
  • Knocking off those general education courses for prices like those offers you big savings over what you will pay for the same courses at a regular college. A year of college at a public university will cost you $20,000+ and a year at a private college will cost you $50,000+. And you can save those costs by taking general education courses online instead of at those schools. (Plus, you can transfer the credits you earn to the college of your choice.)
  • When the time comes to take the specialized courses that you need for your major, you can take them at your regular college and pay “sticker price.” Yes, it will hurt to pay $1,200 or more for each of the three-credit college courses that you will have to take. But at that point you will have saved so much money by taking your general education courses at StraighterLine that you will effectively be cutting the cost of those classroom courses too. The specialized courses I’m talking about are smaller, hands-on classes that your college will require you to take to fulfill your major requirements – classes like residencies if you are a nursing student, externships if you are studying IT, or small seminars if you are majoring in political science or a foreign language.

So as I said at the start of today’s post, the best way to save money on college is to pay as little as you can for required general education courses. If this plan makes sense to you – and it should – check out all the courses that StraighterLine has to offer.

Where You Start College Matters if You Want to Save Money

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