When Do You Study Online?

Barry Lenson

When Do You Study Online?

When Do You Study Online?When do you study online? A discussion of that question is currently in full swing on the StraighterLine Facebook page. Here’s what people have said so far.

Be sure to visit the page and add your comments too!

  • “mornin at the last minute like always” – Makayla Gomez
  • “Whenever my kids let me!” Amanda Lynn Wrege
  • “That is the great thing about online learning, I can do it when I want to! I prefer nighttime because I'm just a night owl but life necessitates I do it in the morning or I end up missing everything going on with my family. I commute to work on a train and fit some studying in there on the way to and from work and then I try to get a lot done early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Sometimes I end up spending all day Saturday and Sunday though doing and it.” - Sarah Sills Barton
  • “start at night and finish up in the morning!” - Lindsey Kennedy
  • “Whenever I can!” - Jeana Edwards-Frazer
  • “early morning but that rarely happens” - Jaswinder Singh

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