What’s the Best Way to Spend Your Winter Break?

Barry Lenson

Best Way to Spend Your Winter BreakIf you’re a college student, you’re already discovering that there are so many ways to spend your Winter break. You can reconnect with old friends from high school, put up decorations, head to the mall, chop wood with grandma or grandpa . . . or earn the college credits you need to graduate.

As a recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education reports, a number of athletes are finding inexpensive online ways to earn college credits that they need in order to compete. “They've failed a class,” the article explains. “They've dropped another. Maybe they’re just short on credits. But they still want to play.” Many athletes are earning the credits they need online at Western Oklahoma State College.

Even if you’re not a college athlete, you can use winter break to earn credits. Maybe you find yourself in a situation like one of these . .

  • Your college is not offering a class that you need to graduate, or you get closed out of a course that you need to take before you can graduate.
  • You failed a course that you need to graduate, or got an incomplete. Let’s face it, bad things like that do happen to good people.
  • You realize that you can graduate from college earlier if you add a few credits to your transcript. You could spend more semesters on campus, pay a fortune . . .  or take some online courses at StraighterLine and graduate earlier.

You can take online courses any time you want over winter break – in the early morning, late evening. If you do, you could return to campus with three new college credits, which could be the best gift you got over the holidays.

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