What Will YOU Inaugurate on January 21st?

Barry Lenson

ABOVE – See president Obama sworn in as president of the United States in 2009

As you know by now, Barack Obama will be inaugurated for his second four-year term as U.S. president on Monday, January 21st. Nearly a million people are expected to visit our nation’s capital to see it happen.

Over the next four years, president Obama needs to accomplish a lot of things. He’s got laws to pass, cabinet appointments to make, Supreme Court Justices to appoint, military decisions to make, a new healthcare law to implement, and tons more stuff that he is probably thinking about at just this moment.

So if our president is thinking about all that stuff that he needs to get done, it only seems fair to ask this question.

What are your plans for the next four years?

Four years is a lot of time, after all, and you can get a lot done. Here are some things you can accomplish in the next four years too.  You could . . .

  • Complete an entire college education.
  • Finish up your college education if you started but didn’t finish yet.
  • Train for a new or different career in healthcare, technology or another fast-growing field.
  • Take the extra courses that you need to get into graduate school.
  • Learn a lot about literature, history, music or some other subject that interests you.

So the question is, what kind of life changes are you going to inaugurate on Inauguration Day?

Funny thing, isn’t it? Most of the really important changes we make in our lives start with education.

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