When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to Education

Barry Lenson

What to do when times are tough? -Turn to EducationWhen life puts obstacles in the paths of ambitious people, they often turn to education as a way to get back on their feet and get moving again.

A few examples . . .

  • From teacher to pharmacist. Mark G., a public school teacher in North Carolina, retrained to become a pharmacy technician. “After 30 years as a teacher I was simply burning out, and the paperwork requirements were getting bigger every year,” he states, “but my new job working behind the counter at a pharmacy is much more to my liking. I now have a secure career that can carry me well into my so-called retirement years.”
  • From stay-at-home mom to accountant. Cynthia F. in Iowa went back to school and became an accountant. “My divorce hit me hard and at age 37, I suddenly had to make a living on my own,” she explains. “Going to school to learn accounting was the smartest move for me. I now handle the books for a large commercial real estate company and I am providing a good income for my kids.”
  • From police officer to tutor. Charles F., a retired police officer in Oregon, had to make a big career change after he developed a debilitating illness.  “I’m confined to a wheelchair now,” he explains, “but I’ve started working as an SAT tutor at a local tutoring company. I was always good at math, but some math courses online helped me brush up my skills and start on a new career.”

Education Turns Setbacks into Success

As the poet Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.” If that makes sense to you and you are stuck in your life or situation at the moment, it makes sense for you to consider going back to school.

StraighterLine offers many programs that can help you retrain for success in health care, business, entrepreneurship, and other fields. If you have questions, call a StraighterLine Enrollment Counselor at (877)787- 8375 to learn more.

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