What Snooki Could Teach Us about Going to College Online

Beth Dumbauld

by Brittany Hege

“Jersey Shore” star Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi isn't the smartest cookie in the batch, although she was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University and based on her history of spurting out stupid things, I doubt the lecture was a stunner. But, believe it or not, Snooki's got some intelligent attributes that line up quite well with the three virtues of distance learning at StraighterLine:

1)      Flexibility - One minute she's in Sasquatch-like UGG boots and a mini-skirt, and five minutes later: an oversized PINK shirt and sparkly hipster glasses. Yeah, Snooki knows how to keep her options open. Take a tip from the Jersey chick and invest in an educational program that fits your changing needs. Whether your work schedule is as unpredictable as Snooki's outfits, or you just found out there will soon be a new addition to the family, StraighterLine has the right online program for you and your hectic lifestyle.

2)      Accessibility - Snooki never wants to be without her beloved stuffed “Crocodilly” (on one episode of “Snooki and Jwoww”, she brought the darn thing with her to the zoo. And fake lashes, I'm pretty sure she carries an extra pair with her wherever she goes. Learn from Snooki and look for an online college program that you can take with you anywhere. Access StraighterLine's YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook page wirelessly on your smartphone so your online learning-related questions never go unanswered.

3)      Affordability - Sure, Snooki has made millions with reality shows, commercial deals, and her writing (yes, she's written a book). But that doesn't mean she doesn't try to save money. Store-bought pickles are still her favorite food, and you gotta give her props for doing her own makeup, well, most of the time. And we know when it comes to your life, especially education, cost is a major factor in your decision on where to attend. That's why StraighterLine offers such sweet deals on online courses. How's $99 a month for college sound?

Take it from Snooki and go for a flexible, accessible, and affordable education with online college courses from StraighterLine.

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