WGU Indiana: America's Most Innovative State University

Barry Lenson

WGU Indiana State University"Today we mark the beginning of, in a real sense, Indiana's 8th state university. WGU Indiana will fill the clearest and most challenging gap remaining in our family of higher education opportunities, helping thousands of adult Hoosiers attain the college degrees they've wanted and needed, on a schedule they can manage, at a cost they can afford."- Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Just like Governors in other states, Mitch Daniels was facing a problem with his state schools. Due to the economic downturn, more students were applying to Indiana University instead of to more expensive private institutions. But Indianans were finding it hard to pay the tuition at Indiana University too.

So Daniels started to think about education in new ways. Instead of adding a ninth campus to Indiana University, he decided to create an online state university – the first of its kind anywhere.  He partnered with Western Governors University, a leading provider of online college education, to create a new state university called WGU Indiana.

What Is WGU Indiana? 

WGU Indiana’s website explains that the new institution is “An online, competency-based university established by the state of Indiana through a partnership with Western Governors University to expand access to higher education for Indiana residents. WGU Indiana currently offers:

  • Over 50 accredited online bachelors and masters degrees in high-demand career fields.
  • Flexible, online study, allowing students to balance work, family, and school.
  • Affordable tuition, because WGU Indiana is a non-profit university.

Even the tuition philosophy is unique, because WGU students pay tuition at a flat rate every six months. In other words, they pay for the time they are in school, not for the credit hours they earn. And basic tuition for most programs is $2,890 per six-month term. But please keep reading, because there is a way that you can cut those costs a lot more.

What Does WGU Indiana Mean for You?

We have a little more good news for you. You can get started at Western Governors University, and then at WGU Indiana (if you live in that state) today, by enrolling in online college courses at StraighterLine. And if you do, you can save as much as 90% on the costs of your freshman year.

How is that possible? It’s because Western Governors University is one of StraigherLine’s Partner Colleges, and the credits you earn from StraighterLine college courses can be applied to your studies there. And after taking online college courses at StraighterLine, you can also enroll in Western Governors University without going through the usual complicated college application process.  You could even take StraighterLine college courses, get credit for them at WGU Indiana – then work hard and transfer to one of Indiana University’s eight campuses.

Has it ever been easier, or less expensive, to become a student at a nationally recognized state university? We don’t think so.

A turning point has come in American public education. And as a StraigherLine student, you can be part of it today.

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