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Jeffrey Simons

By Jeffrey Simons

New Courses and Credit OptionsWhen a traditional brick and mortar school starts bursting at the seams with too many students and not enough space, they build a new dorm, expand their student center, knock down some trees and put up a new building or two with more classrooms.

When an online college course provider like StraighterLine expands, we do it by launching a bigger, better website complete with new functionality, more courses and even a few surprises.

Welcome to StraighterLine 2.0.

Over the next few days on the blog, we’ll be looking at some of the most important changes that will make your experience as a StraighterLine student better than ever, including:

  • 15 New College Courses
  • Professor-Led Courses
  • Cohort-Based Courses
  • 25 Credit-By-Exams
  • A New Learning Management System
  • MyLine, Your Integrated Profile And Course List
  • New, More Affordable Subscription Pricing Plans
  • Discounted Course Bundles (coming soon)

And the best part of it all: these changes will happen seamlessly, with no disruption in your studies.

For today, let’s look at one of the most exciting changes: our new courses. We’re adding 15 of them, expanding our departments and allowing you to complete over 2 years of introductory college courses if you wanted to, depending on your major, of course.

Not Just More Courses – More Choices

But we’re adding more than just different courses. We’re also giving you more choices in how you take those courses. First of all, until now, nearly all of our courses came from one of the leading online college course publishers, McGraw-Hill. Now, in addition to courses from McGraw Hill, you will have the option to take courses from other leading publishers, like Saylor, Thinkwell and the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC). And very soon, you’ll even be able to take language courses online from the world’s leading provider of distance learning language courses, Rosetta Stone.

Another area where you’ll have more choices is in the type of course you choose. In the past, all of our courses have been self-paced courses you take on your own. You’ll still have that option, but now you’ll also have the opportunity to choose courses that are led by professors, as well as courses that you take as part of a small group of students, called a cohort.

We’ll take a look at both of these new options on the blog tomorrow.

Until then, have a look around our new site... or, rather, your new site. And welcome to the new StraighterLine.

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