Washington Monthly Lavishes Praise on Western Governors University

Barry Lenson

Praise for Western Governors University

Western Governors University“The College For-Profits Should Fear,” an article in Washington Monthly, lavishes much-deserved praise on Western Governors University, one of the StraighterLine family of Partner Colleges.

The article, well worth reading, tells the story of a man named John Robinson, a Rhode Island native who decided to become a teacher after the experience of home-schooling his own son. He ran into a common obstacle that is faced by many adult students, however. How could he find time to go to college when he was already working a job and spending lots of time at home with his son?

That’s when Robinson hit on the idea of attending college online. He began Googling and poking around and found Western Governors University. He was impressed by the fact that the university had been founded by the governors of 19 U.S. states, so he called the school, spoke with someone in admissions, and enrolled in 2009.

Here’s how the article summarizes the value that Robinson discovered at Western Governors, with its low annual tuition of $6,000 a year . . .

“The reason Western Governors can offer this kind of tuition . . . is because of its signature twist on the idea of a university—a feature that sets it apart not only from its for-profit competitors, but from virtually every other institution of higher education in the country. This innovation allows WGU to offer its students a college degree that is of greater demonstrable value than what its for-profit competitors offer—and do so for about a third the price, in half the time.”

When a university is as remarkable as Western Governors, people are bound to sit up and take notice sooner or later. And that recognition is happening now, as this article shows.

We are proud that Western Governors is a Partner College that will accept you directly after you have completed coursework at StraighterLine. Learn more about this innovative program, which could help you change your life the way John Robinson changed his.

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