Want to Win a Job Today? Get a Business Degree

Barry Lenson

Want to Win a Job Today? Get a Business Degree

Get a Business Degree  If you’ve been reading the news in the last few weeks, you know that in December, the unemployment rate in America fell from 8.7 percent to 8.5 percent. According to many estimates, about 200,000 new jobs were created.

What skills do you need to nail down one of these new jobs? Your most effective strategy is definitely to . . .

Get a business degree.

If you have an degree in business, you stand out from other candidates who are competing for the same jobs. When you have earned an undergraduate degree in business, you have demonstrated important skills that employers are looking for . . .

  • You are ready to take a job that is on a management track, not an entry-level job that has little future of advancement.
  • You understand business statistics and can perform important functions in HR, accounting, accounts due, and other company areas.
  • You have taken courses in marketing, ecommerce and other skills that are in demand.

StraighterLine Can Let You Start Earning Your Business Degree Today

You could apply to colleges that offer undergraduate business programs and enroll in a few months. Yet you can start immediately, earn your degree faster, and save on the cost of your business degree if you enroll now at StraighterLine.

To help you get started, StraighterLine is now offering a program that can jump start your business degree. It’s called the StraighterLine Business Course Bundle. It offers $255 worth of business courses for only $199 – a savings of 25% off regular prices when you buy all four courses together!  This business bundle includes the following:

  • College for $99/Month
  • Introduction to Business
  • Business Communications
  • Accounting I
  • Economics I: Macroeconomics

No matter what type of business major you pursue, you’ll need to take those core courses. And since our course credits transfer to any of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges or through the ACE Credit service to over 1200 colleges and universities in the US, why not save yourself both time and money and utilize this unique and cost-saving offer from StraighterLine?

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