Want to Save Money on Textbooks? This Could Help

Barry Lenson

Want to Save Money on Textbooks? This Could Help

save money on college textbooksSeptember is on the horizon. And for many students who are returning to college, that means a trip to the college bookstore to buy textbooks that can cost $150 or more – each!

But we have recently learned about a textbook discount program that could help. It’s called the Textbook Renter $100,000 Textbook Giveaway. We haven’t had the opportunity to thoroughly test the program for ourselves, but to learn more, visit the program’s Facebook page.

Our preliminary test of the program went like this . . .

  • We had to have a Facebook account to take part in the giveaway.
  • We went to the Textbook Renter $100,000 Textbook Giveaway page.
  • We had to enter our name and email address to take part.
  • We had to agree to “like” the program before we could claim our reward.
  • Finally, we got our reward - $10.00 that we could apply to a textbook purchase.
  • To use our $10.00, we had to go to a special page where we could create an account and shop for textbooks.

Okay, that might seem like a lot of stuff to do, and a lot of information to give away, to get $10.00. But our test was only a one-time experience. Who knows? Maybe you could earn a bigger credit than we did.

Please note: StraighterLine is providing information about the Textbook Renter program for informational purposes only. We are not official endorsers of the program, nor are we affiliated with it. We just want you to know about it.


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