Waiting for a Course to Open a New Section? Here’s Something You Can Do Instead

Barry Lenson

Waiting for a CourseGetting shut out of a course is frustrating. Worse yet, it can put your plans into free-fall.

If your college requires you to complete a science course with a lab component and all the courses that fulfill that requirement are full, for example, you could have to delay your graduation date, return to school for an extra semester, and pay a ton more money too. But that’s not the only situation that can derail your educational progress.

Let’s say, for example, that you’d like to complete a few courses at the community college where you’re enrolled before you transfer to one of your state’s larger public universities. You’d like to get a general civilization course or a course in U.S. history out of the way, for example, so you can concentrate on courses in your major after you arrive at the “big school.” If the courses you’d like to take are not available at your community college, what are you supposed to do?

Many students are discovering that StraighterLine is the solution. Because the selection of courses offered is increasing week by week, chances are good that you will find the course you need here. It will cost you much less than it would have cost you at your regular college or community college.

And to cap off the StraighterLine value proposition, you should have no problem transferring the course credits you earn to your college or university. StraighterLine student Christine Natelli describes her experience transferring credits to her college this way:

“Oh it was so easy! So easy, so fast. I think the easiest time I’ve ever had transferring units over.” 

So the opportunity is clear. If you get shut out of a course, don’t get stalled. Check out all the great StraighterLine courses and get started in your new course today.

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