Use Online Learning to Cut the Cost and Risk of Picking a College Major

Barry Lenson

Use Online Learning to Cut the Cost and Risk of Picking a College Major

Are you a college student who is currently trying to pick a college major? That’s good. After all, one purpose of college is to help you hone in on a major and a career.

But as you have noticed, the costs of shopping around can really add up. Each college course that you take as a trial costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars. And then there are additional expenses – very big ones – if you make the wrong choice and decide to change majors later on. I know one engineering major, for example, who switched to that major in her third year of college. That switch meant that she couldn’t finish college in four years, but had to come back for an additional semester. That cost about $20,000. Not chump change.

If you are shopping for the right major, how can you avoid those costs? One good way is to take your exploratory courses online instead of in the classroom. You can take four or even five additional courses online here at StraighterLine, for example, and pay about what you would pay for one course at your regular college.

You also reduce your risk when you take courses online. If you’re taking a test course in economics and find that it is a hard subject for you, for example, you can simply drop the course without doing harm to your GPA. Or if you complete an exploratory course but earn a low grade, it won’t appear on your college transcript.

So the bottom line is that if you are shopping around for a major, consider taking trial courses online. The reduced costs and risk make it the smart way to go.

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