University of Massachusetts Grad Asks to Return Her Degree for a Refund

Barry Lenson

University of Massachusetts Grad Asks to Return Her Degree for a Refund

University of Massachusetts Grad Asks to Return Her Degree for a Refund  Haley Covertino graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell in 2010. But Covertino, who majored in psychology, quickly discovered that her new degree wasn’t doing much to help her land a job.  She went to hundreds of interviews, but ended up working on the front desk at Gold’s Gym.

After facing those setbacks, Covertino did something unusual, according to a news report in She sent a certified letter to U Mass’s Chancellor and asked if she could return her degree for a refund. According to the report, she has not gotten a reply from the university.

I’d be surprised if the university did reply. After all, no college can guarantee that students will find employment after they graduate. And at some point, it seems likely that Covertino will land a job, because more college grads are doing that just now as the economy improves. (The article in states that 84 percent of U Mass graduates are now finding employment in their fields of study within six months after they graduate. Not bad.)

But it kind of makes sense to ask to return a college degree for a refund, don’t you agree? If you buy a lawn sprinkler that doesn’t spin or spray, you get to return it to the store, right? If you buy a toaster that doesn’t heat up, the same principle applies.

Maybe if more students asked for refunds, it would call attention to the fact that it doesn’t make much sense to pay today’s tuition costs, or borrow lots of money, without any promise of a decent return on investment.

Being a wise buyer is often the best defense.

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