Unemployed College Grads tell their Stories in Online Videos

Barry Lenson

Unemployed College Grads tell their Stories in Online Videos

"I developed a routine that involved sitting in the Starbucks on the Upper East Side with my laptop for hours on end. I even had a folder in my browser dedicated to job sites; I would click `open all in tabs’ and search the postings all day long.” – a 24-year-old college grad describes her job-hunting frustration in a video on The Huffiungton Post. 

“The Unemployment Chronicles,” a recent posting on The Huffington Post, offers videos of  10 college grads voicing their frustration about being unemployed. All the people shown in the videos are well educated, intelligent, and fully prepared to start working life. Yet despite diligent efforts, they are still stymied about finding jobs.

One grad says, “As the months roll by, I find myself becoming increasingly anxious. I have now accumulated around $30,000 in debt. I get letters on a weekly basis reminding me of the November due date for my first loan payment.”

If you are in the same group – recently graduated, but unable to find work, it is a good idea to follow all the standard rules for job-hunting. You should network with everyone you know, from family friends to college professors. You should hit Monster.com and other job sites daily. You should work your college’s alumni network too. But one more thing – it might be a good idea to take one or two online courses to equip you to train for some of the fields that really are hiring these days.

Two suggestions . . .

Take an online medical terminology course or an Introduction to Biology course , then look for a job in one of the fast-growing healthcare professions, like medical billing and coding or medical office assisting. Even if you don’t find a job at first, you can use your coursework to enter a training program and get your start that way.

Take one or two online college courses to “fill in” gaps in your education and better equip you to present yourself for jobs. An online accounting course, for example, could make the difference in whether you get an interview to work in the payroll office of a local company or not.

Even though hiring is flat, there are signs that the situation is beginning to improve.  According to a recent article in U.S. News, job prospects for recent college grads are better than they have been over the last few years.  


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