Tuition Hikes Spark Student Protests in New York State

Barry Lenson

“Students and recent college graduates make up a large contingent of the Occupy Wall Street encampments around the state. And it’s not because they’re schooled in democratic theory, it’s a simple bread and butter issue: the student protesters say rising tuition costs and ballooning student debt are what drove them to the streets.”

-          “‘Class’ Warfare? Student Debt Crises Fuels the Occupy Wall Street Movement” by Sam Lewis,

As we’ve noted on this blog before, it’s difficult to find an “official” list of demands for the Occupy Wall Street movement, for a very simple reason:  

There is no official list of demands posted on the official Occupy Wall Street website.

But despite the lack of an official list of demands, many of the protesters are angry about the rising cost of education in America.

Those student demands come into sharp focus in the article that we quote at the start of today’s post, which describes student protests that are taking place in the state of New York. To summarize some of the points in that article . . .

  • Student protesters believe that education is a right, not a privilege.
  • Tuition hikes at state colleges in New York have sparked student anger and “drove them to the streets.”
  • Both students and some state legislators are “pushing back” against recent tuition increases in the SUNY schools.

To quote from the article again, “At a recent hearing on the issue, chair of the Assembly’s higher education committee, Deborah Glick, said, `The question is, and this is a societal question:  Do we invest in our people or not?’”

That’s a very good question, and it lies at the heart of the current educational crisis in America.

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