Tuition Costs Have Risen Faster than the Costs of Just About Everything Else

Barry Lenson

Tuition Costs Are Rising FastAre you going to college? Are you thinking of going to college? Do you have a son or daughter who is?

Sorry to start today’s post with that blast of questions. But if you answered yes to any of them, your wallet is about to be under fire. (Actually, it is going to feel like a five-point buck on the first day of deer hunting season.) Because college tuition costs are continuing to surge.

We recently found an infographic that CourseSmart ®, the eTextbook developer, put together to illustrate how college costs have increased faster than the prices of just about everything else.  You can check out the infographic  But let’s summarize just a few statistics from it.

Since 1978 . . .

  • Average college tuition has increased 1120%
  • The cost of medical care has increased 600%
  • The cost of housing/shelter has increased 375%
  • The cost of food has increased 220%

But Wait, There’s More! 

  • Tuition costs for a private four-year institution in 1978 averaged $10,378; that figure is now $29,056
  • Tuition costs for a public four-year institution in 1978 averaged $2,225; that figure is now $8,655

What Can You Do to Control College Costs? 

Statistics like those are enough to make any sane person throw up his or her hands and say, “Enough, I can’t pay prices that have surged out of bounds.”

But despite the fact that college costs have risen exponentially, there’s good news too about controlling college costs. Even though tuition has become unrealistically overpriced, there are opportunities to cut college costs that didn’t exist back in 1978.

I’m talking about cost-cutting strategies like these . . .

  • Complete your core curriculum courses right here at StraighterLine, then transfer the credits you earned to your regular college or university.   Just last week I spoke with a student who has saved more than $15,000 by tackling courses online and transferring them to one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges. (See just below.)
  • Take advantage of StraighterLine’s Partner College program. If you check it out, you’ll discover that it really is possible to avoid out-of-control tuition hikes and other college costs.

Learn More Strategies for Cutting College Costs

Here at StraighterLine, we’ve published three practical manuals for students who want to save money on college. They offer powerful tools for reducing your college costs, and they’re all free . . .


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