True or False? This week’s college news quiz

Barry Lenson

True or False? This week’s college news quiz

Even though April Fool’s Day was pretty good, we just realized that we didn’t have quite enough fun during the month of April. Maybe you didn’t either. That’s why we put together this True or False quiz for you to take, based on current college-related stories that are making the news. 

The correct answers follow the quiz.

1) Which of the following is not true?
a) Newt Gingrich is giving the graduation speech at Eureka College this year.
b) Pee Wee Herman is giving the graduation speech at Colorado School of Mines.
c) Denzel Washington is giving the graduation speech at the University of Pennsylvania.
d) Michelle Obama is giving the graduation speech at West Point. 

 2) Which of the following institutions has actor James Franco never attended?
a) Yale 
b) Columbia
c) NYU
d) Omaha Institute of Taxidermy

3) Donald Trump’s comely daughter Ivanka graduated from which of these graduate business programs?
a) Wharton
b) ACME Correspondence College
c) The Tuck School of Business
d) Abdelazer University

4) Which of these institutions is currently being taken to court and accused of creating a hostile climate for women? 
a) Princeton
b) Culinary Institute of New York
c) Yale University
d) Vanderbilt

5) Williams College and Keene State College recently competed in which of these strange athletic contests?
a) Their women’s rugby teams played a game that lasted 24 hours.
b) The schools took part in the first-ever naked intercollegiate trapeze competition.  
c) They competed in the first game of Capture the Flag ever played on horseback.
d) The presidents of both colleges went head-to-head in a bungee jumping competition off the Empire State Building. 

6) Emma Watson, who played Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter movies, recently made college news for doing which of the following?
a) She crashed her broom into a goal post at Washington State University and required medical attention.
b) She graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Fashion Design.
c) She revealed to her Harvard graduating class that she is really the daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor.
d) She is dropping out of Brown University. 

7) Northern Maine College is graduating seven students this month who majored in something very unusual. Their major was:
a) Wind Power Technology
b) Arctic Survival Skills
c) Grave Digging Arts
d) Imitating Al Gore

8) Leon Botstein, the President of Bard College, simultaneously pursues an active second career as a:
a) Dog catcher
b) Symphony orchestra conductor
c) Minor league baseball pitcher
d) Abercrombie underwear model


1. Answer b is false. All the other answers are true.
2. The answer is d. As far as we know, anyhow. 
3. The answer is a. The Donald’s daughter graduated from the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania. 
4. The answer is c. A group of women has recently accused Yale of creating an environment that is hostile toward women. 
5. The answer is a. 
6. The answer is d.
7. The answer is a. 
8. The answer is b. 

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