Top Websites for College-Bound Military Personnel and Vets

Barry Lenson

Top Websites for College-Bound Military Personnel and Vets

"We do it because these men and women must now be prepared to lead our nation in the peaceful pursuit of economic leadership in the 21st century."
-From president Barack Obama’s speech announcing the creation of the 2009 GI Bill, August 2, 2009.

If you’re a college-bound veteran, a reservist or a current member of the armed forces, the Post-911 GI Billcan help you pay for the costs of tuition, textbooks and housing while you are in college. To learn more, visit The Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website or call 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551). According to some estimates, as many as 385,000 active military personnel and veterans are already taking advantage of this bill.

Here are some other helpful Internet resources you should know about too:

The Military Tuition Assistance Program offers financial aid to members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Scholarships pay up to 100% of tuition expenses.

The Department of Defense’s Opportunities page is a gateway to information about many specialized undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for veterans. You’ll find scholarships for studying languages, science – and more.

The Blinded Veterans Association offers Kathern F. Gruber Scholarships for veterans who have become visually impaired in the service., a source of information about many kinds of scholarships, has put together a helpful page of information for veterans and current military personnel.

And may I add that StraighterLine is another helpful resource for military personnel. It offers a portable and efficient way for service members to start college studies from wherever they are deployed.

Thank you, veterans and soldiers, for all you do. And best wishes for every success as you reach your educational goals.

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