Top College Success Books for Summer Reading

Barry Lenson
If you’re about to enroll in college in September – or if you have a son or daughter who will – why not help assure success by taking some college-level classes over the summer vacation months?

And here’s one more thing you can do. Before you head off for summer vacation, put these books in your book bag. The strategies they teach could provide a quicker route to college success.

Here are some of the strategies you’ll find in this lively, easy-to-read book:
 Don’t do all your reading . . . drop some classes every term . . . become a club president . . . care about your grades, ignore your GPA . . . never pull an all-nighter . . . take three days to write a paper . . . always be working on a “grand project” . . . do one thing better than anyone else you know.

Study Smarter, Not Harder
by Kevin Paul. (Self Counsel Press; $20.95)
Here are some of this book’s strategies:
Don’t just start studying, mentally prepare yourself first . . .  create a special place to study . . . organize your work before you start to study . . . don’t try to absorb everything, filter what you choose to learn . . . create to-do lists for your studying priorities . . . coordinate your study time with your personal “alertness cycles.”
The author advises students to ask these critical questions before starting to read required books or course materials:
What is the purpose of reading this? . . . What do I already know about this topic? . . . What’s the “big picture” in this reading? . . . What is the most important information this contains? . . . What are the “expert questions” that my professor will want me to ask and answer?
Here are some of this book’s strategies:
Don’t Procrastinate . . . know which reading assignments are critical and which are not . . . target the paper topics that wow professors.
With these books close to hand – as well as your laptop for online college coursework - summer can be a great time to prepare for college success.
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