Top 3 Benefits of Self-Paced Online Courses

Top 3 Benefits of Self-Paced Online Courses
Beth Dumbauld

Self-paced online courses offer up big benefits for students looking to accelerate the completion of their degree and save money. Different from traditional, semester-based online courses, the student determines the pace for studying their class materials, allowing you the opportunity to move much more quickly through your courses – and completing classes on your timeline.

Here are three of the top benefits of enrolling in self-paced online courses:

  • You can complete courses faster and earn your degree quicker. Here’s the thing, the quicker you are able to move through course material, the quicker you are able to complete courses and earn your degree -- a major benefit for working adults looking to earn their degree at an accelerated pace and advance in their career more quickly.
  • You'll have more time for work and family. The less time spent in the classroom, the more time you have for other activities, including work and family. Because self-paced courses allow you to pick when you will complete course material, you can fit in your coursework when it best fits your schedule.
  • You can save money on tuition. Self-paced courses, like those offered by StraighterLine, provide you with a way to earn low cost  college credit for your degree program. Because they offer so much flexibility, you can complete your self-paced courses and earn college credit prior to enrolling in your degree program. The more lower cost online college courses you take with StraighterLine, the more you can save on tuition for your degree. Shave a semester or more off your degree and you can save a semester, or a whole year’s, worth of tuition.

Enrolling in Self-Paced Courses and Programs

Yes, online college courses can be self-paced, but so too can be college degree programs. If you are looking to enroll in a self-paced degree program, so you can move through your degree as quickly as possible, pay attention to the the commonly-used term “competency-based” while doing your research. Competency-based education (CBE) moves beyond the credit hour and directly assesses student competency or proficiency to award college credit, not how long a student takes to learn the required material. In general, schools with competency-based degree programs are also self-paced. Many StraighterLine partner schools, such as Western Governors University or Brandman University, offer competency-based degree programs.

The advantages of competency-based programs, in addition to cost, is that students can move as quickly through a program as their “competencies” allow, meaning working adults returning to school with a strong foundation in a subject -- can complete the course on their time frame, moving quickly through material they already know.

StraighterLine online courses are all self-paced and can earn college credit at your school -- including many of the leading colleges and universities for adult learners. If you enroll today, you can get started immediately. Or, if you are interested in trying a self-paced online course first to get a feel for it firsthand , sign up for a free trial.

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