Three Wonderful Ways to Beat Burnout at School

Beth Dumbauld

Three Wonderful Ways to Beat Burnout at School

Three Wonderful Ways to Beat Burnout at School

by Brittany Hege

You've been beaten down and kicked around, all by a 3-part linear math problem. But before you pull all your hair out or cuss out your partner (trust me, this never helps), why not check out StraighterLine's own 3-variable equation for the best ways to beat burnout at school.

1)      Indulge in a little TLC with the computer screen - We're not talking about hugging the monitor; we're talking about taking a break from schoolwork with a short session of online shopping. Or how about browsing YouTube clips featuring ridiculous behavior or calming scenes (whatever makes you happiest). And when you're ready to refocus on homework, you can access StraighterLine's helpful archive of video tutorials on anything from College Algebra to Business Statistics.

2)      Pour yourself a well-deserved drink - You may not have just won an Olympic medal, but that doesn't mean there isn't a reason to celebrate with a drink or too. Pat yourself on the back for making time to relax, if just for a moment. And if you're not old enough to “pop bottles,” there's always sparkling cider. Regardless of what you're sipping on, be it your favorite Brut or a simple apple cider, the sensation of pouring a bubbly beverage into a champagne glass is enough to make that Precalculus homework look a bit more appetizing.

3)      Slow your roll by going for a brief stroll - Get your mind off schoolwork for a hot sec and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Invite the dog or just bring yourself and forget about those algebraic numerals for a moment. And while you're on the path to relaxation, how about an exploration into mindful walking? The once mysterious meditation method is now being hashed open in schools throughout the nation to reduce work-related stress so students can focus more clearly on important future decisions like choosing between online courses and massive open online courses.

Here at StraighterLine, we hope you're into at least one of these great ways to avoid a school burnout, and if you like all three, that's even better, just please don't try to do them all at once!

About the author . . . . Fresh out of art school and obsessed with digital music, Brittany uses her love of sound to inject her writing with rhythm and just the right amount of rhyme. When she's not tweeting, blogging, or facebooking, she's either at a local concert or playfully poking fun of reality TV stars (and enjoying every second of it).

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