Three Ways Online Learning Can Improve Your Grades

Barry Lenson

Three Ways Online Learning Can Improve Your Grades

If you’re taking courses at StraighterLine, you’ve already discovered some of the benefits of taking college courses online. You can go to class any time you want. You can earn college credits while you’re in the military or working a full-time job.

But here’s a benefit that you might not have discovered yet . . .

Online courses can improve your performance in college, and your grade point average too.

Here are three ways to use online college courses to boost your GPA . . .

1. To prepare for courses you will take in college, study the same subjects ahead of time.  Our online courses are about the most effective course preparation you can get. Tip: Summer college vacations are a great time to use online courses to get an edge on the following year of college work.

2.Use StraighterLine courses as intensive study guides while you are taking college courses. If you are taking a college course in algebra, for example you can use StraighterLine’s College Algebra course offerings to review class sessions  and study for exams. The result? Better preparation and better grades for you.

3.Take StraighterLine courses to try out subjects before you take them “for real” in college. If you’re not cut out to excel in Calculus, for example, why not find out ahead of time by taking Calculus when it doesn’t count?

Have you found another grade-boosting advantage of taking classes online? If so, please add a comment below. People are only beginning to learn all the advantages of online learning, and we’d like to hear from you.

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