Three Reasons Why Studying Math Online Works Best

Barry Lenson

Three Reasons Why Studying Math Online Works Best

I was a pretty bad math student back when I was in high school. But now that I have been taking some online math courses, I’ve found that learning math online really does work better than learning it in a classroom.  Here are my reasons . . .

  • I set my own pace. With an online math course like the ones at StraighterLine, I can take my time and repeat different course sections until I know the material cold. Back in the classroom, I couldn’t do that. I always got pushed on to the next lesson or unit, even if I wasn’t ready.
  • It’s between me and my computer. There’s no embarrassment. If it takes me a little longer to figure out an equation, that’s something that only my computer knows – not a classroom full of other students.
  • I can speed up if I want to. I can move quickly through material that comes easily to me, or which I already know.  In the classroom, it’s often necessary to spend a week or two on material like that. But online, I can motor through those course sections faster. That’s efficient, and it saves me time.

Those are my three reasons why studying math online works better for me. What are yours?

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