The StraighterLine Freshman 15

Barry Lenson

The StraighterLine Freshman 15

How to avoid the Freshman 15  Lots of first-year college students gain 15 pounds. Or at least, that’s what a lot of people say.

According to the legend of the Freshman 15, as soon as students realize that they have meal plans that let them eat all they want at any cafeteria meal, they go wild and pile up on extra helpings of lasagna, carrot cake and quivering Jell-O with whip cream on top. (Think of John Belushi in the famous cafeteria scene in “Animal House.”)

So if the Freshman 15 is genuine, that means that you are going to avoid it if you choose to take your freshman year of college online at StraighterLine, right? No meal plan, no lasagna, no carrot cake, no weight gain. Unless, of course, the contents of your fridge at home look like the freezer cases at Costco.

So instead of adding 15 pounds, here are 15 things you can add if you are taking college courses online. We’ll call it the StraighterLine Freshman 15 . . .

  1. Discipline
  2. Accomplishment
  3. Preparation for the future
  4. Better ability to pick the right college major
  5. Self-awareness
  6. Focus
  7. Pride
  8. More money to pay for the rest of your college education
  9. Insight
  10. Self-respect
  11. The respect of others
  12. The pride that comes from spending money wisely
  13. Mastery of new knowledge
  14. The opportunity to continue your education at StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges
  15. Confidence to achieve great things in the future

When you compare the StraighterLine Freshman 15 to everybody else’s Freshman 15, it becomes clear which one is better. Which will you choose?

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