The Safer Safety School

Barry Lenson

Storm clouds are gathering on the horizon of American higher education. Here are just a few of the problems we see  . . .

A shakeout could be coming for dozens of middle-tier colleges. It is one thing for Yale and Princeton to charge $50K+ for tuition. It is another thing for less-prestigious American colleges to charge that much – while offering a poorer educational experience and poorer access to jobs after graduation. The day may be coming when more American families say that expensive middle-tier colleges are just not worth the money. If that day comes, dozens of them could be forced to shut their doors and tiptoe away.

Students are applying to community and state colleges in numbers never seen before. But at the same time, those institutions are raising tuition, increasing class sizes and making it harder for students to get in. Where will students turn when community or state colleges can no longer accommodate them – when the fallback school falls off the edge of the earth? It could be that the number of Americans who go to college will actually decline.

Dishonest online universities are about to be hit by a tsunami of their own making.  You’re read about them before on this blog – the online institutions that derive most of their profits by pocketing Federal loans that they take on behalf of their students. Congress is now investigating these practices. But if online education suffers a major setback, where will students turn to continue their online college courses?

The situation sounds grim – and it is. But at the same time, we’d like to say something hopeful.

StraighterLine is the Safer Safety School

When the shakeout comes, StraighterLine will not go away, for some simple reasons. It’s because StraighterLine doesn’t . . .

  • Sign up students as a way of defrauding the government of loan dollars.
  • Divert student’s payments to returf playing fields or hire security officers.
  • Cram students into lecture halls to cut the cost of delivering educational products.

So if you’re already taking courses at StraighterLine, take a sigh of relief. You’ve already found the safest safety school of them all. And if a shakeout comes in American higher ed? Relax and watch it from a safe distance.

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