The Royal Wedding Is Over, and . . .

Barry Lenson

The Royal Wedding Is Over, and . . .

We Invite William and Kate to Continue their College Education Online

Whew! It must have taken a ton of effort for Prince William and Kate Middleton to pull off a wedding like that. It probably took the better part of a week just to line up all those horses and singers.

But now that they have tied the knot, they will probably have time to start taking some online college courses. After all, they both graduated from Saint Andrews University in Scotland way back in 2005, and isn’t it time that they stopped coasting on that royalty thing and began to better themselves?

Chances are that wherever they will be living – whether it’s in Buckingham Palace or a small flat in some edgy London neighborhood – will have pretty decent WiFi. They probably have some cool laptops too – maybe encrusted with gemstones.

So we invite William and Kate to enroll in StraighterLine and start learning! We would offer them a discount as an incentive but let’s face it, if they could afford to ride around in those imposing limousines and wear all those jewels and medals and even get the Queen of England to turn up at their wedding, they can probably afford one of StraighterLine’s payment plans.

If they enroll, we might even create a coat of arms for StraighterLine – maybe something with a laptop and a horse. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll start designing the coat of arms just as soon as William and Kate enroll.

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