The Institute for a Competitive Workforce Praises StraighterLine

Barry Lenson

The Institute for a Competitive Workforce Praises StraighterLine for Offering “One-tenth the cost of tuition at most colleges”

StraighterLine is proud to have been named a top educational innovator – and a “Spotlight Innovation” – in  “College 2.0: Transforming Higher Education through Smarter Innovation and Smarter Regulation,” a new report from the  Institute for a Competitive Workforce.

To quote from the report, “StraighterLine’s innovation is attacking the adverse cost spiral of higher education: It offers perhaps the most affordable for-credit online courses on the Internet . . . Students are given three options to pay for the courses. One featured offer is taking an entire school year for $999 – 10 three-credit courses over a year. Students also have the option to pay $399 per course, or $99 per month for a course: one-tenth the cost of tuition at most colleges.”

We are happy to report that DeVry University and Western Governors University have also been named “Spotlight Innovations” by the Institute. Both those universities are StraighterLine Partner Colleges – members of our educational family. Our students can enroll directly in them after taking courses at StraighterLine.

Thank you, Institute for a Competitive Workforce, for citing StraighterLine’s efforts to offer excellent courses at low cost. If we are helping America build a more competitive workforce, we are certainly proud of that too.

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