The Fastest Way to Get a Business Degree

The Fastest Way to Get a Business Degree
Beth Dumbauld

Individuals with business skills are among the most sought after by employers, and if you’d like to expand your career opportunities, a business degree can help you land a job.

If money and time didn’t matter, enrolling in college would be easy. You could simply enroll in a degree program, pay list price for the courses you need, take as much time as you want, and not think twice.

But time and affordability do matter. You need to have some smart strategies prior to enrolling in school, particularly if you are looking to accelerate the completion of your degree. The good news is, you can earn a business degree quickly and inexpensively, thanks to StraighterLine and its innovative partner college network.

Here are 3 tips for earning your business degree conveniently, affordably -- and a whole lot faster.

1 - Start Out by Taking a Business Course Online

Not sure if business is right for you? Like to start college without going into debt? Need to get a prerequisite completed, on your schedule? StraighterLine offers a great selection of cost-effective online business courses . . .

2 - Improve Your Business Skills

You can also jumpstart your business degree, and career, by taking a series of business courses that focus on the skills you need for success in your current job while also earning you college credit. Whether you want to move forward in a career in accounting, sales, marketing, communication, or management, tackling multiple work-related courses is a good way to accelerate your degree goals while making progress on your career goals.

Once you have determined which skills you'd like to focus on, it's easy to choose which college courses are best suited to help you acquire those skills. Before enrolling in your courses, map out how (and if) these courses can fit into a degree plan. Planning ahead and completing online business courses is a smart move -- you get credentials that help you in your current job while earning college credit that can transfer into a degree program when you are ready.

3 – Accelerate Degree Completion

Online self-paced courses make it easy to study on your own terms to reach your degree completion timeline, but having a degree plan to maximize your credits is essential so you do not waste any time.

Degree acceleration was the path chosen by StraighterLine students Deirdre HendersonJason Ransom, and Calvin Duker. Deidre earned her accounting degree in 3 years, Jason was able to earn 90 college credits in under 6 months, and Calvin completed his business management degree at a pace that also worked with his family life. Each of these business degree students were able to move forward with their career goals without putting a strain one their financial futures.

“My initial approach to earning my degree was just speed, too see how quickly I could complete my courses online. But when I started completing more and more StraighterLine courses, I realized my path was becoming more business focused, and decided that earning my bachelor’s in business was a far better choice for my career and interests.” - Jason Ransom

With StraighterLine, students have over 120 partner colleges to choose from, many offering flexible degree options including competency-based education, as well as some of the top business degree programs for working adults. If you are looking to accelerate the completion of your business degree, enrolling in self-paced courses is a great  way to earn your degree faster.

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2 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Get a Business Degree”

  • Online degrees

    I have completed two online degree programs and hope to complete a third in the next year or two. I think that online degree programs give those of us who either work or can ill afford college tuition a great chance to further our education.

  • Flex

    Great post! Love how you are emphasizing online education. Many are still apprehensive about "alternative delivery options" but I love how you embrace it. Great post.

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