The Fastest Way to Earn Your Degree at Colorado State University Global Campus

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine: The Fastest and Simplest Way to Earn Your Degree at Colorado State University Global Campus

"The advantage of CSU-Global is that it allows you to apply what you have learned in class to a real world setting immediately. In a growing global environment my program at CSU-Global has allowed me to grow personally and professionally while the skills learned provide the benefit of tackling some of the problems that face us locally, as well as globally." -          Ryan Abbot, CSU-Global Graduate

Have you been reading a lot lately about Colorado State University’s new Global Campus? If you have, you’re not alone.  Lots of people have been taking heed of the innovations at this remarkable university, which is one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.

Now StraighterLine Offers You the Fastest Way to Earn Your Degree at CSU-Global

There are lots of reasons to love CSU-Global.  For one thing, CSU-Global is a 100% online university. Online classes start every eight weeks. That means you don’t need to wait months until a new semester begins.  CSU-Global Campus tuition rates are about half of what many online universities charge and your rate is guaranteed to not increase as long as you are continuously enrolled in your degree program. Course quality, technology and student support are truly state-of-the-art

And the good news is, StraighterLine can make your experience at CSU-Global even better, because CSU-Global is a StraighterLine Partner College.  That means you can take low-cost StraighterLine courses and your credits will automatically transfer when you enroll at CSU-Global. That saves you time and money. Be sure to check out StraighterLine’s new Course Bundles to find out how you can save even more while you earn credit hours that you can apply to your work at CSU-Global.

We’ll Even Give You a College Degree Roadmap!

Create a Personal Degree Plan that will show you how much time and money you can save by applying StraighterLine courses to your degree work at CSU-Global. Simply enter your field of interest, indicate that you’d like to earn your degree at CSU-Global, and you’ll get a, detailed instruction sheet on how to make it all happen.  (Please note that it will take about 24 hours for StraighterLine advisors to create your Degree Plan before emailing it to you.) 

CSU-Global Campus offers an exceptional selection of major specializations, including. . .

  • B.S. Accounting
  • B.S. Business Management
  • B.S. Communication
  • B.S. Criminal Justice
  • B.S. Healthcare Administration and Management
  • B.S. Information Technology
  • B.S. Interdisciplinary Professional Studies
  • B.S. Organizational Leadership
  • B.S. Public Management
  • B.S. Applied Social Sciences
  • B.S. Accounting

Is CSU-Global Campus the University You’ve Been Looking For?

If you have questions about enrolling in CSU-Global Campus and transferring your StraighterLine credits, please speak with a CSU-Global enrollment counselors at 1-800-920-6723.

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