The Easy, Low-Cost Way for Working Adults to Finish College

Barry Lenson

Working Adults who want to Finish CollegeFor working adults, going back to college used to be a pretty complicated and discouraging process. Sure, many working people wanted to go back to college, but questions like these stopped them right where they stood . . .

  • “Where am I going to find the time to study for the SATs, now that I am holding down a job?”
  • “Won’t it be embarrassing for me to contact my old high school to ask for transcripts of classes that I took years ago?”
  • “Do I really have to get three people to write letters of recommendation for me? I’m not 18 anymore!”
  • “Even if I do get into a college, won’t it take me about 12 years to get a degree? After all, I am only going to be able to take about one course a week.”

Today, things have changed . . .

Thanks to modern online learning, all those obstacles and objections have been rolled out of your way. It is now possible to get into college without jumping through all the hoops of a traditional application process. And once you are taking college courses online, it is easier than ever before to take your classes flexibly, in and around your own schedule. There’s no longer any need to drive to a local community college every Tuesday night for your Economics class, for example, or to tie up your summers to take classes. You can simply turn on your computer and take your class on Saturday afternoon, on Wednesday morning – whenever you want.

Going back to college is easier than ever before for working adults. For example, here’s an outline of how you can do it by taking courses at StraighterLine . . .

  • Step One – You enroll in an online course at StraighterLine. Just pick one, select a payment option, and start your course today. There’s no need to apply. No need to take the SAT. No need to wait for your acceptance letter to arrive. Just start today. And then you can go on to take more StraighterLine courses online.
  • Step Two – Transfer your credits and become a student at one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.
  • Step Three – Take your courses at your chosen college and complete your degree as an online student.

And truly, that’s about all there is to it. No hassles. No complicated admissions process. Just college for you, starting today.

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