The Cure for Cramming

Barry Lenson

The Cure for Cramming

My niece goes to a large university in the Northeast. She had a final exam yesterday. Today, she has two more. Last week, she wrote three term papers.

Last week, she pulled two all-nighters so she could write those papers. This week, she pulled two all-nighters in a row to cram for finals. The kid is running on her fumes, stressed to the breaking point, and completely exhausted.

What’s the point?

What’s the point of stacking up the workload so it all falls in two weeks? What’s the point of making a student cram for three finals in two days – memorizing information that she will forget shortly after the exams are over?

And what’s the point of making tens of thousands of American kids suffer through this pointless ritual, cramming to the point of collapse? There is no reason for it from an educational point of view.

Taking college classes online offers a healthier way to learn a lot more. At StraighterLine, you can:

  • Repeat difficult lessons and units as many times as you want . . . and skip the last-minute cramming.
  • Overlap your courses to avoid big work crunches.
  • Concentrate on papers and assignments one at a time and learn a lot more.
  • Try out new college courses without worrying that you will trash your GPA if you don’t do well the first time around.
  • Turn off your computer if you are exhausted, go to bed, and then turn it on the next day.

Those are only a few of the reasons why online college courses offer a healthier, more efficient way to learn.

Isn’t it about time for cramming to go the way of raccoon coats, beanies, swallowing goldfish, fraternity hazing and other pointless college rituals? Looks that way to me. Don’t you agree?

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