The Biggest Back to School Sale in History

Barry Lenson

The Biggest Back to School Sale in History

Why are we announcing a back to school event in February? Are we out of our minds? Have we forgotten to reset the date on our smart phones? Has a Y2K virus finally erupted on our hard drives?

Well, could be. But there is a bigger reason why we are announcing a back to school event today. It’s because every day is back to school day when you are an online student. No need to wait for yellow leaves to show and cool fall breezes to blow. Just sign up and start learning!

This is great news if you are a student who fits any of these molds . . .

  • You are sitting out your freshman year of college because you didn’t get into any of the colleges you liked the most.
  • You are a rugged individualist and you want to attend college when you want, where you want, unlike everybody else.
  • You are a serviceman or servicewoman who is about to reenter civilian life and you are eager to get the ball rolling.
  • You want to change careers but are too tied up in your current work to ever find the time. “Maybe next year,” you think. So why not now?
  • You are a non-U.S. student who wants to attend college in America, but you’re having a hard time relocating to America, handling immigration requirements – and paying for it all.
  • You are an under-challenged high school student – you’re brilliant! - and you want to start college before you graduate high school.

There are plenty of other reasons for starting online classes now too. We can’t list them all. But whatever your ambitions are, why not use online learning to move your life ahead?

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