What is the Best Business to Start?

What is the Best Business to Start?
Beth Dumbauld

In today’s job marketplace, options abound. More and more people are considering embracing their entrepreneurial spirit and striking out on their own. But what's the best kind of business to start? Well, it depends on what you're interested in, and how much you need and have available in startup funding, whether from your own pocket or outside investors. Whether you’re interested in franchises or freelancing, we’re giving you a look at some smart businesses you can start now.

  • New technology - if you're a whiz at learning new technology, you'll never be out of work I this day and age. Businesses want to stay competitive and upgrade their technology but mastering it may be another thing. Understand, advise and train personnel on how to make the most of the newly-installed technology for their business will keep you in high demand.
  • Home healthcare - anything related to helping people live a healthy life at home, especially for seniors, is in big demand. With a large aging population in the United States, many seniors will prefer to stay in their own homes but need daily assistance. Provide certified professionals for this population can become a successful business model.
  • Healthy, delicious fast food - if you love to cook healthy meals and can provide many of them quickly, joining the food truck army can be just the business for you. Set up your truck daily in a busy spot, provide great food and service and you can quickly earn regular customers.
  • Wheel chair/scooter repair - if you're mechanically inclined and love to help others in a meaningful way, running a business maintaining and repairing wheel chairs and motorized scooters could be right for you. This expensive medical equipment allows people to live and travel with dignity, and with the aging population growth, this market will continue to grow.

For more information about these and other unique entrepreneurial ideas!, check out Business News Daily There are a lot of resources available to help you get started.

The Best Business to Start in Technology, Digital and Utilities

 If those opportunities don’t quite meet your interest level, check out a few more trending options below:

  • Mobile app development - Mobile apps continue to be in high demand. If you're a talented coder with an eye for mobile-sized detail, you can build a very successful business creating and fielding custom apps for businesses other and other clients.
  • Social media consulting - do you enjoy the challenge of mastering social media and want to share your knowledge and ability? This career field is still relatively new and evolving, and anyone who is good at using social media to build a business will always be in demand.
  • Installing solar - green, clean, alternative energy sources are more popular than ever, since they save homeowners and businesses money on utility bills. Whether you advise if green energy options are feasible, sell or install the items, solar and other green energy systems are in high demand.
  • Drone operator/videographer - there is explosive growth in drone imaging services, whether for surveying, inspecting, real estate, supporting marketing efforts or working for private, corporate or government organizations. Get in on the ground floor by learning to fly and offering these valuable, high tech services to others.

Of course, these aren’t the only ideas, not by a long shot. With ever-changing technology, new niche markets emerge literally every day. If you don’t already have an idea in mind, the long list of options at Digital.com should stir your imagination even further.

When considering your options, there’s no doubt that completing online business courses will help you be successful on any career path you choose. If you’re hoping and planning to pursue an independent business career, taking our courses to complete your degree will save money and time, making your goals all the more attainable when you look at your future. If you’re unsure if StraighterLine online courses are for you, try two free lessons and see for yourself. Your goal is within sight!

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