The Advantages of StraighterLine Over CLEP

Jaime Dalbke

From February, 2009...

No one likes to waste either time or money. So why do both when it comes your college education?

For example, if you take the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) series of tests to gain college credits, you first will have to buy any required textbooks or other study materials needed to prepare in advance, which can easily add $100-$200, or even more, to your expense per course. Study guides are recommended for preparing for CLEP courses too - those will run you at least $35 each.

When you feel you are ready to take the CLEP test for your course, there is a fee of $65 per test - or $120, nearly double that, if you want to take a paper-and-pencil test - along with an administrative fee of $15-$20 most CLEP test centers charge per test. And some test centers restrict testing to students admitted to or enrolled at the institution, so you may have to drive longer than you anticipated to find a test center that has open enrollment, plus perhaps pay for a place to park - that can be another $15-$20 right there with today's gas prices and parking costs.

Also, since there are no educators to assist you in case you have questions regarding the study materials, you may become so confused in your studies that you have to take a preparation course, thus adding to your waste in expenses and creating an extra demand in your schedule to attend. That can run you another $100 or so. Finally, if you do not pass your CLEP, you have to wait at least six months and pay the course and administrative fees again to retake the exam - another $100 right there. Obviously, we are talking serious time and money here, heading towards four figures in fact.

In contrast, here at StraighterLine (SL), a new, innovative online educational system, we offer basic introductory college courses at a flat rate of $399 per course, and our e-books cost a minimal fee, usually somewhere near half the price of most other college textbooks. More importantly, we have certified E-structors to offer one-on-one support to students online 24/7 - whenever you have a question about what you are studying, someone is ready and able to assist you. And it does not cost you anything for that service.

Additionally, when it comes to taking your course assessments, there is no specific test center that you have to find and attend at a certain starting time, or any restriction on how long you may take it (most CLEP exams limit you to 90 minutes). In fact, there is no limit at all on what day or time you take our exams, just as long as it is within the six-month window for the course.

The benefits of SL over CLEP - and all other introductory college programs, for that matter - are many, so to learn more, visit and discover the advantages we provide in making entry-level college course affordable and convenient.

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