Thanks to You, Our Students, On Thanksgiving

Barry Lenson

Thanks to You, Our Students, On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to people who have made a difference. And that’s why the StraighterLine Blog is taking this opportunity to thank all the students who have come to us in the last year seeking a better path to college learning.

So here are some things we would like to say . . .

Thank you, students, for having the courage and vision to seek out a better way to jump-start your college learning process.

Thank you to the many military personnel and veterans who are studying at StraighterLine. Thanks, first and above all, for your service to our country. But thank you too for making StraigherLine and our Partner Colleges your educational options of choice.

Thank you for the positive comments that you have made about the quality of our courses.

Thank you for telling other students that we are here.

There are other people we should thank too. We thank our Partner Colleges for opening their doors to our students. We thank all the reporters and bloggers who have recognized us and spread the word about what StraighterLine is doing.

So, thanks to all. We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with food, fun, family – and maybe just a dollop of distance learning to sweeten the day.

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