Test Your Smarts on the First Ever StraighterLine College Misconceptions Quiz

Barry Lenson

Test Your Smarts on the First Ever StraighterLine College Misconceptions Quiz

getting into collegeThere are certain times in life when everybody thinks they know better than you. You’re getting married? You’re having a baby? Suddenly you are hearing all kinds of advice.

And if you’re planning to go to college, get ready. You’re going to hear a ton of “common knowledge” advice about how to do it.

So let’s test your knowledge about whether the information you’re hearing is correct or not.

Piece of advice #1: You can’t get into college without taking the SAT and the ACT.

This is FALSE. In fact, a growing number of colleges and universities are now test-optional. For a list of them, CLICK HERE.

Piece of advice #2: It’s too late to start college in September if you haven’t already applied.

This is also FALSE. The fact is, a lot of colleges still have vacancies for their upcoming fall semesters. For a list of them, CLICK HERE.

Piece of advice #3: If you didn’t do well in high school, spending a year boosting your grades at a local community college can be a very good idea.

This is TRUE. For a list of American community colleges, CLICK HERE.

Piece of advice #4: Online college courses offer a good way to boost your record so you can get into a better college.

This is TRUE. For a list of college courses online available through StraighterLine that can help you prepare for college and – if you take them and do well – get into a better school.

Piece of advice #5: To get into a college, you need to invest months taking test preparation courses, getting people to write letters of recommendation for you, writing application essays (“Why I believe that Skeezix State University is the Only School for Me”) and traveling around to visit campuses.

This is FALSE. After successfully completing college courses online, you can become a student at one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges without doing any of those things.

Piece of advice #6: You have to have a college interview at all the schools where you are applying for admission.

This is FALSE. The fact is, very few colleges require interviews today. They are relying more on application essays to decide what kind of people applicants are.

Piece of advice #7: You should carefully study US News and World Report’s college issue because its rankings will help you find the best colleges and universities in America.

This is FALSE – mostly, anyhow. The statistics in the magazine can tell you some important things about the colleges you are considering, but let’s remember one important thing. The only “best” college is the one that offers the best fit for you. And you aren’t going to learn which college that is by reading statistics.

So how did you do on our first-ever College Misconceptions Quiz? Remember, this quiz is only for fun and will have no impact on your ability to get into a great college.

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