Ten Things that Just Aren’t True about Living in California

Barry Lenson

Living in California We recently found a fun post entitled “Nine Things that Aren’t True about Californians” on the Vampy Varnish blog. Check it out. You’ll enjoy it. Here are the nine myths that the blogger exposes about Californians and the state they call home . . .

  1. Myth: Everyone in California knows how to surf
  2. Myth: We all hang out in bathing suits
  3. Myth: We have all been to Hollywood
  4. Myth: We are all wine snobs
  5. Myth: Californians LOVE their sushi
  6. Myth: We all practice Yoga and are health nuts
  7. Myth: We like our pizza with healthy toppings like chicken and broccoli
  8. Myth: It’s always sunny and warm
  9. Myth: Californians are always tan

And Here’s Myth #10 . . . This one isn’t mentioned by the Vampy Varnish blog. But it’s one that we’ve all been hearing for years . . .
10. Myth: California has terrific state-supported colleges and universities that cost little and serve all the people of California beautifully.

Myth #10 might have been true in years past. Sadly, it isn’t any more. California institutions – community colleges especially – have been broadsided by a budget crisis. We hope that the California state government works its way out of the crunch soon so that Myth #10 becomes reality, not a myth any longer.  

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