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Barry Lenson

Online Summer ClassesNow that warm weather is here, you’re probably thinking of beaches, mountains, camping, tossing burgers on the barbecue, and all the other activities that make the summer so much fun.

But here’s a suggestion for you. While you’re having a good time, why not squeeze in a little time to take some summer courses online? There are some pretty compelling reasons to do it . . .

  • If you’re a high school student who is going to be a senior next year, you can use summer courses to improve your chances of getting into college next year. The right online course can even help you pass AP and CLEP exams and earn valuable credits before you arrive on campus.
  • You can use summer courses to get better prepared for college or high school classes that you will take next fall. Think of it as “frontloading” to help you earn a better grade and lighten your workload when school starts again in the fall.
  • If you’re already in college or about to start, you can use summer courses to complete some core curriculum courses. If you tackle them over the summer, they won’t clog up your schedule during the school year.
  • You can learn a skill that can help you qualify for a specific job.  If you’re applying for a job in the growing healthcare fields, for example, summer could be a great time to learn more by taking a course in medical terminology.
  • You can use online courses to test out possible college majors. Taking a course in science or business, for example, can be a great way to evaluate a possible specialization or career path.

So you see, there are plenty of reasons to take online classes over the summer.  Check out all the great courses that are available to you here at StraighterLine.

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