Take Online College Prep Courses to Excel In Advanced Classes

Take Online College Prep Courses to Excel In Advanced Classes
Beth Dumbauld

Many students are required to take online college prep courses to give them basic skills in writing and algebra, to have a solid foundation and succeed in more advanced college classes. While it’s easy to become frustrated by these requirements, they are intended to secure your success in future classes, making your path to degree smoother and straighter.

Here’s How Taking Online College Prep Courses Helps Students

There’s an assumption that when students enroll in college, they have the necessary basic writing and math skills to succeed. If they don’t have these skills, students immediately start out at a disadvantage. Falling behind in class assignments, failing mid-term tests and flunking courses can discouraging and can also be avoided. These classes provide basic math and writing skills, without which, students may drop out of college completely and diminish their chances of landing on a good career path.

Students can develop the following skills when completing a college prep writing class:

  • Critical thinking – good writing and critical thinking go hand in hand. By doing exercises and assignments that train your brain to think critically, you’ll become a better writer. You’ll be able to go in-depth and present logical arguments in your articles and papers.
  • Organizing your thoughts – good writers develop outlines to organize the points they wish to make. Well-written articles flow logically and keep the reader engaged. Learning this skill will translate into success in both later courses and future career assignments.
  • Creating clear, concise, easy-to-read sentences – developing good writing skills helps you create papers and articles that get to the point quickly and clearly for your target audience. Learning how to communicate clearly in writing is a career asset as well.

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An Online College Math Prep Course Gives You Advantages in Advanced Classes

Basic math skills can carry you far beyond your college years, but if you don’t have a solid foundation in the basic concepts, more advanced classes using math will be more difficult to pass. That being said, the advantages of taking an online college prep course like Algebra are more numerous than simple math.

  • Develop and refine problem solving skills – these skills are refined by completing math word problems involving various situations. Problem solving skills transfer to many other college courses and impact all areas of your life.
  • Learn how to use real numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages – you’ll practice math functions like quadratic equations and applying the Pythagorean theorem, and you’ll also practice math you’ll use in everyday life, like fractions and percentages.

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Develop Great Writing and Math Skills

Developing great writing and math skills early in your college career will pay off in the advanced college classes you’ll take to get your degree and as you move into your career. You’ll have more confidence to tackle advanced assignments, complete them faster with fewer mistakes and move forward with confidence.

If you need to tackle these prerequisites before moving forward with your education, give StraighterLine the opportunity to guide you through these first important classes by trying out two free lessons with our free trial. Our self-paced, low-cost options may be just the successful start you need to move forward.

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