Take Control of College!

Barry Lenson

Until StraighterLine came along, starting college was a lot like joining an exclusive country club.

You had to jump through hoops and prove your pedigree before you could get in. You were required to take the SAT or ACT, fill out applications, obtain letters of recommendation, get a once-over from an alum or interviewer, and pass other tests. And then the college was free to reject you and pocket your application fee.

Even if you got admitted, the college made you suffer and prove yourself. Sure, colleges have always had humane faculty members and advisors who help students if they fall behind. Yet the underlying threat was always there: if you couldn’t keep up your grades, you had to leave. And your money never got refunded.

Wealth and family advantages gave you an edge. If one of your parents went to Harvard and contributed a chunk of cash every year, you moved ahead of other applicants. If that doesn’t sound like joining an exclusive county club, what does?

But as the year 2011 starts, all that has changed. Thanks to StraighterLine, you can take control of college and enjoy a new kind of educational experience.

  • StraighterLine doesn’t play favorites on admissions. We don’t care where your parents went to college. We don’t even ask.
  • StraighterLine doesn’t have application fees or complicated admissions procedures. You don’t need standardized tests, letters of recommendation, or a high GPA. You prove yourself after you enroll in our courses. That makes sense, right?
  • StraighterLine doesn’t punish you. If you take a course and don’t do well or drop it, we don’t notate it on your permanent transcript for all the world to see. There’s zero cost of failure.
  • StraighterLine won’t flunk you out. Nobody has ever flunked out of StraighterLine. It’s not part of our system or philosophy.
  • StraighterLine adapts seamlessly to your life and schedule. If you want to take classes at night, that’s up to you. If you want to take six months off, you don’t need to apply for a leave of absence. Just do what you want to do, and StraighterLine will fit around your schedule.

The message is, you can take control of college. StraighterLine is pleased to part of the reinvention of American higher education.

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