Take Charge! Create Your Own Summer Internship

Barry Lenson

Take Charge! Create Your Own Summer Internship

Create Your Own Summer Internship  There are plenty of reasons to get an internship this summer. Even though internships don’t pay a cent, they give you the chance to learn new skills and show your stuff to a company that could hire you after you graduate.

But so many students are looking for internships today. What if you can’t find one?  Well, you can create one of your own. Just like a “real” internship, it will add important experiences to your resume and help you get a job after you’re done with college . . .

  • If you’re interested in working in a healthcare profession, volunteer at the kind of medical facility where you will probably be hired after you graduate.  Even if you only perform support services, donate your time and efforts at a blood bank, a diagnostic center, a hospital, or in another medical facility. When you list one of those experiences on your resume, it will look just like a formal internship.
  • If you are a future entrepreneur, launch a business this summer. Why wait to get accepted by a company for an internship when you can start a company yourself, test your start-up and marketing strategies – and then position the experience as a learning opportunity?  If you have friends who have entrepreneurial drive too, start a company together.
  • Do some independent research.  If you’re majoring in psychology, political science, or another research-intensive field, you can design a survey or other studies, hit the phones or the street, and get some interesting research done. Just like a regular internship, it will look great on your record.
  • Write an article or two. Chances are that there are some local magazines or newspapers in your area that would love to have you write an article for publication this summer.  Scan a few recent issues, develop a story idea that would fit in the publication, and contact the editor.  The summer is a great season for writing stories about what kids are doing in camps in your area, how people are tending to their yards, how to beat sunburn, how to swim safely in the ocean – and lots more.

So the message is clear. When internships are scarce, the tough get going and create meaningful experiences of their own.

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