Summer School is Dead. Why You Should Take Online Classes to Earn College Credit.

Beth Dumbauld

I said it and I meant it. Summersummer-school school is over – or it should be.

With online college courses, you never have to choose between completing degree requirements and working. You never have to sacrifice your financial future in order to earn college credit for required general education courses.

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With average student debt reaching just under $30,000, many students are still paying for the “privilege” of learning how to factor polynomials during a class they took in summer school ten years ago. Don’t let this be you.

You have options when it comes to taking online courses over the summer.  New America Foundation fellow Katherine Mangu-Ward got right to the heart of what we do at StraighterLine, and how online classes are a far better choice for college students who need to earn college credit over the summer, in article she wrote for Slate:

“With the online revolution in education, there’s no reason to pay name brand prices for generic courses when store brands will suffice.” That’s the advice from the admittedly biased folks at StraighterLine, which offers college courses online for a $99 sign-up fee plus about $50 for each course. They also have a clever setup to help you transfer those credits into the bricks and mortar academic world."

Check out Katherine’s post to see why it’s better to take online classes this summer instead of enrolling in summer school.

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Are you thinking about taking online classes this summer? What does summer school look like to you in 2015? Drop us a comment below.

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