Students Share their Opinions of Community College

Barry Lenson

Students Share their Opinions of Community College in YouTube Videos

Students Share their Opinions of Community CollegeIf you’re thinking of going to a community college instead of a regular four-year institution, here’s some advice for you.  Why not invest an hour watching videos on in which students describe the pros and cons of attending community colleges? Life at community colleges has become a hot topic on YouTube. You can learn about how much money you could save at a community college, about classes, about what the social scene is like, and more.

Here are some videos that we learned from . . .

“Four Year University vs. Community College” In this video, a young man talks honestly about how he saved money by taking his general education courses at a community college. 

“Social Life at Northern Virginia Community College” Two young women discuss the pros and cons of social life at the community college they attend.

“Real-Life Impact: Monroe Community College”Students discuss the success they found, and the money they saved, at their community college in Rochester, NY.

“How to Transfer From Community College To a University”A quick-moving guide to transferring community college credits to regular four-year institutions. There are a few tidbits of good advice. Example: Try to take courses in subject areas that “fit” with majors at the four-year colleges that you are considering.

“Is Community College Affordable?”A student who graduated from a massage therapy school went on to a community college, and reports that one course there cost her more than $1,000. Her conclusion? “Community college is not affordable at all.”

And If You’re Thinking of Taking Online Courses Instead . . .

“Online College Student Talks about StraighterLine Courses”In this video, a student who completed a three-credit college course in about a week at StraighterLine reflects on her experiences as an online college student.

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