Students Find Satisfaction and Success in StraighterLine Courses

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Nobody Says It Better . . . than Your Fellow StraighterLine Students

Success in StraighterLine CoursesHere on the StraighterLine Blog, we spend a lot of time writing about how terrific StraighterLine courses are. But today, let’s let StraighterLine students say what they think about us.

Ready for some honest feedback from students? Okay, here you go . . .

  • “At StraighterLine the classes are great. They are classes that you would take at any university or any college. It’s all online, and that’s actually a benefit for working moms. The cost affordability of StraighterLine is great. I’m paying $100 a month and classes are $49. And that’s with a proctor, a tutor who’s available to you 24/7. It’s almost too good to be true.” - StraighterLine student Ebru Eren Essex
  • “In the end, that three-credit course cost me less than $200, and that included tuition, textbook, everything. I’d estimate that I saved more than $1,500 on just that one class. I have paid thousands more at other universities and wish I had heard about you all sooner.” - StraighterLine student Donnie Davis
  • “I would absolutely take more courses. I have not only recommended StraighterLine to other people, I also keep a link and share and recommend it to those that are struggling because of high college costs and the difficulty of qualifying for financial aid. StraighterLine is a simple solution to the economic issues we are facing with debt and college. I am happy to be an advocate for StraighterLine!”-  StraighterLine student Margaret Robertson
  • “The courses were excellent. The course help was really professional, my questions were answered fast and efficiently, the person on the other side was always professional with any questions. The online tutoring was also excellent, giving you all the information very professionally using pictures, text and sound/animations. All in all, StraighterLine was a great experience to me, and I have recommended it to all my friends and colleagues.  -  StraighterLine student Charl Roux
  • “It was great customer service. It made me feel like what I had purchased had a great deal of value and that StraighterLine wanted me to be successful.” - StraighterLine student Elizabeth Smith
  • “I transferred my course credits to your partner college, Colorado State University. The transfer process was seamless. The course credits allowed me to satisfy a large portion of elective credit and placed me in a position to graduate with my B.S. in Organizational Leadership in this coming month.” - StraighterLine student Nino A. Diaz
  • “I took the English Composition I course.  I would definitely recommend it to other high school students wishing to get ahead, or to college students wanting to save money. This course was the most affordable I could find anywhere, but it delivered high-quality results.” -  StraighterLine student Lindsay Emo
  • “The courses I took probably cost me less than $40 per credit hour . . . Doing the math, StraighterLine saved me over $1,500!” – StraighterLine student Ben Gribaudo
  • “I couldn't say enough for the courtesy and efficiency of your course advisors or the convenience of taking StraighterLine courses. I can testify that after having attended many `sit-in-your-seat classes,’ StraighterLine courses equal or are even better than many courses I had taken in the traditional manner.” - StraighterLine student Frances Smith
  • “When I meet students, I encourage them to consider using the program for college courses they need toward their degree requirements and to save money on tuition. Some of them, I find, are in colleges that are charging them $2,500 or more to earn three college credits. When I tell them that I earned the same three credits for about $25 per credit, they are suspicious.” - StraighterLine student John Walsh
  • “This course proved to be a perfect vehicle for me. It’s a new day in American education and people should realize it . . . both the young and the old.” - StraighterLine student Burlyce Logan 

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