StraighterLine Student Testimonials – It’s Your Story, Your Success

Beth Dumbauld

Each year, thousands of students start on their path to a college degree with StraighterLine. Our flexible, affordable, and transferable online college courses help our students reach their goals academically – and professionally.

StraighterLine student success facts:

  • 65% of StraighterLine courses started are successfully completed.
  • Over 90% of StraighterLine students who complete courses transfer to a college.
  • 90% of StraighterLine students who transfer to a college end up earning their degree.

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StraighterLine students not only find college success, they also find the confidence and earn the credentials needed to pursue the career of their dreams. We are inspired by them every day.

See what StraighterLine students have to say about us:

StraighterLine is ­______________.

“StraighterLine is a great stepping stone for learning. It helped me get back into the groove of studying, reading, and writing. It prepared me well. Completing StraighterLine courses got me into the degree program I wanted.”

- Johnny Chapman

“StraighterLine is a simple solution to the economic issues we are facing with debt and college. I am happy to be an advocate for StraighterLine!”

- Margaret Robertson

StraighterLine allows ______________.

“StraighterLine truly allows students to learn, and not hate it. You can be in control of your learning.”

- Deb & Aidyn Gangemi

I saved ____________ at StraighterLine.

“I saved a lot at StraighterLine. I completed 11 courses for less than $1,500. That comes out to less than $50 per credit hour, much less than the $300 per hour that I would have paid at a community college.”

- Ife Muyiwa-Ojo

“Well, I estimate that I saved at least $18,000 by using StraighterLine to earn those credits. I paid for those courses out of pocket, so I took no loans.”

- Matthew Hines

StraighterLine courses are ______________.

“The StraighterLine courses are very convenient and the technical support is very good.”

– Jennifer Howe

StraighterLine offers ______________.

“StraighterLine offers a clearer path to success and it is easier to schedule. Now that I know how StraighterLine works, I recommend it to anyone going back to school.”

- Danny Singh

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  • StraighterLine is ­______________.
  • StraighterLine allows ______________.
  • I saved ____________ at StraighterLine.
  • StraighterLine courses are ______________.
  • StraighterLine offers ______________.

At StraighterLine, we are proud to provide students an affordable, fast, and flexible pathway to a college degree. Our student testimonials highlight an important truth for all adult learners: where you start college makes a difference in your success.

Ready to get on the road to your degree? Get started today!

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