Student Profile: Christine Natelli, M.S.

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California student uses online learningStraighterLine Student Profile: Christine Natelli, M.S.

A California student uses online learning to transition her career to nursing

StraighterLine student Christine Natelli is a problem-solver. When she wanted to change career tracks from psychology to nursing, she took online courses and is now earning her B.S.N. degree. When classes in nearby California community colleges were full and unavailable, she used StraighterLine to solve the problem. And when working in a hospital and being mother to her four-year-old daughter made it hard to take courses, Christine used online learning to solve the problem.

Here’s how Christine told her story in a recent conversation with StraighterLine . . .

StraighterLine: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Christine Natelli:  Sure, I live near Los Angeles in Simi Valley. I work at a hospital in L.A. and I have a four-year-old daughter, so I have pretty limited time for anything else.

SL: Is that why you went looking for online classes?
CN: I already had a Master’s degree in psychology, but I wanted to do a career change into nursing. Western Governors University, where I applied to study nursing, actually told me about StraighterLine and suggested that I could complete some of my required prerequisite courses there faster. I was looking for a cost-effective school where I could complete the coursework at my own pace, and after viewing several other options, I decided StraighterLine by far was the best option for me.

SL: Did you have problems finding the classes you needed at California community colleges?
CN: I did have problems, yes. There are fewer classes available at community colleges these days, and they get full fast. Also, the fees have gone up considerably. If you are taking courses at a community college, you have to find time in your schedule to attend classes in person and find parking, and frankly, there is never any parking! Online is much, much better. No comparison. I really wish I would have found StraighterLine a long time ago.

SL: Did a community college ever shut you out of a class?
CN: Yes, many times. I was placed on waiting lists many times and more often than not, there were just too many students and not enough seats.

SL: What courses have you taken at StraighterLine?
CN: Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I and II.

SL: Was it difficult to transfer the credits you earned to Western Governors University?
Oh it was so easy! So easy, so fast. I think the easiest time I’ve ever had transferring units over.

SL: What was it like to take those online classes at StraighterLine?
CN: I think it was actually more challenging than when I was attending community college in person. I really liked going at my own pace and I feel like I learned more taking my two courses at StraighterLine than if I had taken them at a community college. When you’re sitting in a community college class, you have distractions, like the kids who don’t really want to be there. They distract you and the class and take time away from your learning. Also in a regular class, there are certain things that you already know, and you have to sit there and go through them again. You can’t just bypass what you may already know.

SL: Did the flexibility of online courses help you?
CN: Yes, I was able to claim some time on my own, away from family obligations, to accelerate my coursework. When I felt that I was comfortable with a chapter’s content, I could just take the test and move ahead. I was able to bypass some time there.

SL: Could you get answers to questions about your courses?
CN: Everything was explained to me very well. I had no problem.

SL: Have you gotten other benefits from taking StraighterLine courses?
CN: Not yet, but I will!  I really wish I had found StraighterLine before I spent a great deal of money on my education. I could have saved a lot of money, time, and headache. Have I recommended StraighterLine to my friends? Yes I have, and I do.  StraighterLine gets an A++ from me.

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